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Cathy with a “C” – Blah to Yeah!

 Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license byMy name is Cathy. No, it’s not short for one of the silkier-sounding names like Cathleen or Catherine. I’m just Cathy.

My name is spelled with a “C,” though, not a “K.” My mother said that was special, so it must be, right?

Forever, I believed that “C” somehow provided me the right to step ahead of the pack when it came to ordinary names.

Sacred No More

Well, that was until the birth of the Internet. Everything you didn’t want to know the truth about is just a “search” away.

The fantastical “information highway” steamrolled right over and tamped down my lifelong reverie of Cathy with a “C” is special.

Unique My Foot

Sad, but true, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration, I’m one of 82,698 Cathy’s born between 1950 and 1959.

You’re probably wondering what my reaction was to this piece of knowledge. It went like this:

What? Oh, that just can’t be correct. Mom said my Cathy with a “C” name was distinctive. Honestly, I’ve run across a few Cathy’s with a “C” but come on … how could there be 82,697 besides me? How many more are there now?

Wuthering Heights and My Name

Somewhere in time, my mother told me another “name” story: She claimed she named me after Cathy, of Wuthering Heights fame.

She is, of course, the daughter of Edgar and Catherine Linton. You know, Emily Bronte’s classic literature tale Wuthering Heights … yeah, that Cathy.

That was rousing news and all but it came out of left field when I was in my twenties. So, was it true? It was Mom’s favorite book.

After reading Bronte’s novel myself, I felt an odd kinship with Cathy’s perky, although at times, disturbingly selfish character. Hm.

It’s All Good

Because my mom is no longer here, it’s likely I’ll never know the truth about the Wuthering Heights connection to my name.

I do know that while my name is not unique and far from fancy …  it’s who I am. I’m just Cathy with a “C” and that’s OK with me.

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