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crazy horse 3 (2) Copyright Cathy A Montville

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Crazy Horse Memorial - South Dakota  Copyright Cathy A Montville


I decided to submit an image to the Weekly Photo Challenge based on a reflection of U.S. history and an important figure in that history; Lakota warrior Crazy Horse.

This is a great shot of Crazy Horse’s head, which is 87-feet high. The head was completed in 1998.

The horse’s head will be 219-feet tall when it’s finished. I love this photo because it shows all the natural colors in the mountain.

I snapped this picture while visiting Crazy Horse Memorial on a stunning autumn day in October, 2011.

Carving this mammoth sculpture out of a mountain began in 1948 and continues 66 years later.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to see this magnificent work in progress, check out more photos at the memorial project website.

Photo Copyright: Cathy A Montville 2011